Tips for Working from Home

Working from home can be incredibly stressful let alone with the added stress of the global pandemic along with all its restrictions in Victoria.

We recommend that every patient actively consider how to avoid burning out during this period. 

Here are our suggestions:  

Separate your work area from your home space 

  • If you work in a communal area (e.g. kitchen, living room) and you find yourself being unable to relax after work, it may be because there is no distinct dissociation between where you work and where you relax. 
Set up a designated work office space

Get some fresh air 

  • Humans weren’t meant to be living in enclosed areas with no fresh air or sunlight, so please make sure you make the most of the 1hr of outdoor exercise we are able to currently do. Your body will love you for it! 

Keep a balanced routine and have clearly defined work hours. 

  • We have heard so many patients say that it’s difficult to maintain a routine when working from home, so they end up working 3-4 hours longer than usual.  
  • A simple tip is set an alarm for regular work breaks but also when to finish work (for those who work until 5pm) set an alarm at 4pm to notify yourself that you have 1hr left, this way you won’t lose track of time and overwork yourself.  
Don’t forget to have regular work breaks

Find a stress outlet 

  • Exercise regularly – If you are struggling to keep up with exercises, we recommend focusing on exercises you enjoy 

Stay connected with friends and family 

  • Make the effort to schedule zoom calls, facetimes or messenger calls 
  • Trivia nights and online quizzes  

**If you are concerned, anxious, stressed, struggling or just needing to discuss your mental wellbeing, please call one of the numbers below: