Our Osteopaths

The team at OsteoWest are here to help you. 


Dr. Jeremy Ko (Osteopath)

Dr. Jeremy Ko is a registered Osteopath who graduated from Victoria University after completing his Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy).  

While completing his Masters of Health Science, Jeremy fulfilled an internship for SportsMed in India, where he treated, managed and observed a wide range of patients (including a mixture of adults, children and upcoming athletes) from acute and chronic injuries. Over the period of his internship, he was also given the notable opportunity to observe leading Orthopaedic surgeons during their consultations and operations.  

With a firm passion for sports, exercise training and rehabilitation, Jeremy further developed his knowledge by completing a certificate III&IV in Fitness alongside a qualification in dry needling which he uses in combination with Osteopathy to achieve admirable results.

Jeremy is always seeking to further his development as a primary healthcare practitioner, whilst enjoys keeping up to date with the latest trends and studies in the sports and health field. 

He is determined in achieving optimal care and management for all his patients by applying his extensive background in physical and fitness rehabilitation. Jeremy will use suitable techniques tailored to suit each individual patient.    

When outside the clinic, Jeremy enjoys exercising, playing basketball and travelling to different countries during his spare time.  

Dr. Ronnie Yap (Osteopath)

Dr. Ronnie Yap is a registered Osteopath who completed a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University. 

His keen interest in anatomy during his prior Melbourne University Science degree is what sparked his enthusiasm and passion for Osteopathy.

During his studies, Ronnie completed an internship program at the SportsMed Orthopaedic Hospital in Mumbai. Here, he worked with some of the world’s foremost knee and shoulder orthopaedic surgeons to help manage both pre & post-surgical patients. 

Furthermore, Ronnie has valuable experience regarding sport rehabilitation and performance enhancement through his 3 seasons of work at his local football club. Ronnie is also qualified in dry needling and uses a range of treatment modalities tailored to every patient’s needs. He is passionate about setting realistic functional goals with patients to help prevent further injury or re-aggravation of a condition.

With the ability to communicate in English, Mandarin, Cantonese & Bahasa, Ronnie endeavours to provide osteopathic care to patients from different demographic and cultural backgrounds. 

In his spare time, Ronnie enjoys playing badminton and the occasional weekend brunch with his better half.

Dr Kevin Nguyen (Osteopath)

Dr. Kevin Nguyen is a registered Osteopath who graduated from RMIT University, completing a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). 
Kevin is driven by a passion in improving health outcomes within the community and an interest in Anatomy in how the body functions as a unit. This has encouraged him to pursue Osteopathy as it encompasses the provision of an enhanced quality of life to patients through it’s principles and treatment. 
During the completion of his studies, Dr Kevin Nguyen observed a variety of experienced Osteopaths at different clinics gaining invaluable knowledge and clinical skills. Exposure at the clinics highlighted a variety of demographics of patients from sporting injuries, babies to geriatrics. 
Additionally, with a Vietnamese background, Kevin has personally grown-up with cupping treatment to assist with musculoskeletal conditions. As such, he has completed his qualifications in dry needling and cupping and has developed his knowledge and experience to tailor osteopathic treatment incorporating these techniques. 
Being bilingual in English and Vietnamese, Dr Kevin Nguyen hopes to improve health outcomes in a wide demographic and cultural backgrounds through manual therapy. 
In his free time, Dr Kevin Nguyen enjoys hiking and traveling as well as finding new restaurants and cafes to dine at. 

Dr Nicholas Crameri  (Osteopath)

Dr. Nick Crameri is a registered Osteopath who completed a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University in 2016.

Having grown up in the west, Nick has always appreciated the strong sense of community and colourful cultures that make this side of the city so unique.

Plying his trade in Williamstown over the first 5 years of his career, Nick is keen to resume working with his graduating alumni, Dr Jeremy and Dr Ronnie by joining the Osteowest family. It was in St Albans where Nick completed his tertiary clinical hours with the pair, establishing a tight friendship and professional relationship that remains as strong as ever.

Prior to graduating, Nick gained experience in treating and managing acute sporting injuries through his work as a sports trainer with both the Williamstown CYMS Football Club and VFL Umpires. 

He also undertook a month-long work experience program within an Orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai, allowing Nick to learn from other allied health professionals whilst also honing his holistic Osteopathic approach.

Nick prides himself on working with patients to attain the most effective results. Through a combination of clinically examination, hands-on manual treatment (including dry needling) and specified rehabilitative exercise advice, Nick’s structured approach is tailored to each individual.  He is confident when working in concert with other health professionals to manage ailments and injuries in a collaborative way.

Outside of treating Nick is thoroughly entrenched in the Melbourne music scene as a writer and musician. He’s a one-eyed Essendon supporter and enjoys shooting hoops with an enthusiasm that makes up for his lack of skill.

Dr Thomas Dagiandis (Osteopath)

Dr. Thomas Dagiandis is a registered osteopath who is a Victoria University graduate having completed a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). Thomas pursued his career in osteopathy from his own experience of being a junior athlete. Many years of playing tennis and battling injuries as a junior athlete in Melbourne exposed Thomas to various allied-health professionals, which sparked his interest for the human body. From this, he understands both the physical and emotional impact injuries can have on a person, as he enjoys helping people overcome these obstacles.

Thomas enjoys treating a range of different conditions with a combined approach, utilising; hands on techniques, exercise, advice and education to ultimately provide patients with the tools needed to continue management outside of the treatment room. Thomas prides himself on his communication, as he aims to provide you with a clear understanding of your injury and the necessary steps needed to start moving through life again. 

Thomas has also completed further study in Dry Needling & Cupping while also working at a local Division 1 football club in metropolitan Melbourne as he has an interest in sports.

Additionally, Thomas has worked and completed work experience to a variety of private and community clinic settings, enabling him to deal with a range of different conditions. When not at work, Thomas enjoys living an active lifestyle and getting out and about for some food and a responsible glass of wine. 

Krysytn (Intern Osteopath)

Krysytn is passionate and enthusiastic final year osteopathy student. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University with an expected graduation date in November 2021.

Krysytn finds it extremely rewarding assisting patients to improve their quality of life and every day function through individualised and tailored consultations and treatment approaches. She has a keen interest in dry needling, cupping, injury prevention, and exercise therapy and education, and is excited to pursue further studies into these areas.

Having a background as an elite athlete has allowed Krysytn to understand the importance of an optimal physical state for optimal performance, whether it be for sports or everyday living.

Krysytn’s career goal is to establish lasting and meaningful relationships with patients and provide holistic care and support.