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Dr. Jeremy Ko (Osteopath)

Dr. Jeremy Ko is a registered Osteopath who graduated from Victoria University after completing his Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy).  

While completing his Masters of Health Science, Jeremy fulfilled an internship for SportsMed in India, where he treated, managed and observed a wide range of patients (including a mixture of adults, children and upcoming athletes) from acute and chronic injuries. Over the period of his internship, he was also given the notable opportunity to observe leading Orthopaedic surgeons during their consultations and operations.  

With a firm passion for sports, exercise training and rehabilitation, Jeremy further developed his knowledge by completing a certificate III&IV in Fitness alongside a qualification in dry needling which he uses in combination with Osteopathy to achieve admirable results.

Jeremy is always seeking to further his development as a primary healthcare practitioner, whilst enjoys keeping up to date with the latest trends and studies in the sports and health field. 

He is determined in achieving optimal care and management for all his patients by applying his extensive background in physical and fitness rehabilitation. Jeremy will use suitable techniques tailored to suit each individual patient.    

When outside the clinic, Jeremy enjoys exercising, playing basketball and travelling to different countries during his spare time.  


Dr. Krysytn Raymundo (Osteopath)

Dr. Krystyn Raymundo is a registered osteopath who is a RMIT University graduate having completed a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). Her facination in body’s ability to adapt and heal itself with the correct guidance is what sparked her interest in Osteopathy.

Krystyn finds it extremely rewarding assisting patients to improve their quality of life and everyday function through individualised consultations and treatment approaches. She is a strong believer that movement is medicine, which is reflected in her tailored approach to each individual. When working with patients, Krystyn takes pride in incorporating a patient’s personal goals, such as return to sport or work, and encouraging them to take an active role in their recovery.

Having a background as an athlete herself, Krystyn enjoys treating sport-realated injuries as well as a variety of conditions including general sprains and strains, and chronic conditions. She has a keen interest in using a variety of hands-on techniques, along with exercise rehabilitation. Krystyn has also completed a post-graduate certificate in myofascial needling and cupping which she integrates into her treatment plans as she sees fit.

When not working, you can find Krystyn playing AFL football for her local team. She also enjoys her quiet time, whether it be a lazy day in bed binging TV shows or looking after her small collection of indoor plants.


Dr Lana Mikovic (Osteopath)

Dr Lana Mikovic is a registered Osteopath and Osteopathy Australia member who graduated in 2021 after completing a Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science in Osteopathy, from RMIT University. 

Lana has always been interested in the human body, and participated in a lot of sporting activities through her teens. Lana became drawn to osteopathy because of its holistic nature and hands-on approach.

While studying osteopathy, Lana participated in volunteer work in aged care, where she was able to learn about the elderly demographic and build connections with those in the community. Lana also worked as a sports trainer for Coburg Districts Football Club, where she gained valuable skills in assessment, treatment and acute injury management.

Lana worked as an osteopath in the busy coastal town of Barwon Heads, and has experience seeing a variety of different patient complaints. She understands the value in knowing the full story behind your complaint, and is able to form a management plan to achieve your short term and long term goals. Lana utilises hands on therapy such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation, manipulation and dry needling, as well as education, advice and exercise management to get you back to pain free activity/work.

Lana has a keen interest in treating low back pain, postural and neck related pain and ankle injuries. Lana also has an interest in women’s health – with experience treating pregnant and post natal patients. Lana has undertaken further personal development in understanding how to treat through pregnancy, as well as in pelvic health. 

When she’s not working as an osteopath, you’ll find Lana either at the gym, at local footy games on Saturdays, or trying to find the next trendy brunch spot to have a warm soy chai.

Dr Jack Ibrahim (Osteopath)
Dr Jack Ibrahim (Osteopath)

Dr Jack Ibrahim (Osteopath)

Dr. Jack Ibrahim is a dedicated Osteopath who has completed his Bachelor of Science (Clinical science) and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University. 

Jack’s journey into Osteopathy was inspired by personal experiences with sports-related injuries which fuelled a deep interest in holistic healthcare. This led him towards Osteopathy where it allowed the roles to be reversed and himself the one providing the care. 

Jack brings a wealth of experience across diverse demographics to his practice. With a background in aged care settings and community healthcare, Jack has honed his skills in providing tailored treatment plans to individuals of varying needs and backgrounds. Additionally, his tenure as an Osteopath for a highly-esteemed soccer club has further enriched his clinical expertise, allowing him to understand the unique demands and injuries prevalent in athletes.

Jack utilises a range of treatment techniques, including articulation, HVLA (high-velocity low-amplitude), MET (muscle energy techniques), and comprehensive rehabilitation exercises. With a keen focus on optimising patient outcomes, Jack employs a holistic approach to healthcare, blending his clinical skills with a deep understanding of the body’s biomechanics.

Beyond his professional commitments, Jack maintains an active lifestyle, where he enjoys working out at the gym and travelling overseas. He values the importance of social connections, nurturing friendships and embracing life’s adventures.