Considerations When Working From Home

We think it’s safe to say 2020 has not gone the way any of us expected (or wanted) it to. One of the most difficult changes has been the sudden requirement to work for home. From what we have seen in clinic, some have been thriving with the change and others have been struggling. We’ve put together a quick ‘ergonomics essentials’ checklist for you to go through every time you sit down (that includes after breaks!)

The most common complaints we hear are that: 

·      Job tasks are difficult to perform optimally from home 

·      Their home environment was not designed for full time job tasks

·      There is plenty of distractions (home schooling children, noise, Netflix etc.)

·      Working in isolation has been difficult 

·      The separation between work and home as become blurred which can be stressful

·      Communication strategies have been drastically shifted for many

·      Some found that they have been working longer hours

·      Snacking, snacking and more snacking!!

Here are some of our tips to help you better work from home: 

·      Choose a suitable and designated work area 

·      Try to work away from the kitchen or living room where possible to diminish distractions

·      Is there appropriate lighting?

·      Is there appropriate heating and cooling?

·      Is there appropriate ventilation?

·      Set alarms every hour to remember to get up and move

·      Only stock your pantry and fridge with healthy snacks (fruits!) do you don’t have any other options to snack on!

If you have any questions to would like an ergonomic assessment of your home set up, please let us know!

Ergonomics Checklist
Tips for working from home